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Basic everyday actions that are very simple for us are actually major challenges for SMA patients. This thought is exactly what lighted up the desire to set up the non-profit organization “a drop in the desert” and help these people. We are daily in touch with SMA patients and the people close to them.


Despite the large number of people affected by SMA, unfortunately many people do not know much about it. Informing the public concerning SMA and what it means to the patients and the people close to them is a very important matter to us.

Living aids

SMA patients are very often bound to medical devices and hospital equipment. All of these systems are difficult to be obtained and generally not affordable by individual citizen.


We gather donations. These donations will be used to purchase different kinds of daily living aids for SMA patients. For instance, they can be used for medical devices, help to take active part in society or necessary support in daily life.

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